Rapid Risk Evaluator

In order to compute risk, there are three primary inputs: the hazard, the inventory (population and built environment), and the vulnerability. With respect to flooding, the most commonly used measure of vulnerability for estimating damage to the built environment is through depth-damage curves.

Risk Evaluation

Rapid Risk Evaluator (ER2-flood).

Two Versions: REST API or MS Excel format.

This calculator allows a user to input structure details for a single building type or multiple buildings and estimates losses. Download/View the user guide for ER2 Flood. Want to receive notification of updates to ER2 (*Updates are (roughly) quarterly)? Send us an email

ER2 ONLINE! a REST API for estimating buidling flood damage.

MS Excel Worksheet:

Basic Version: Version 2.05 of the RAPID RISK EVALUATION (ER2) calculator is available for download.

Advanced Version: Added features in the Advanced Version (version 2.05) include:

  • Metric water levels
  • View Map Buildings (based on Address or Coordinates) and colour/size symbols based on variety of attributes. (through compatibility with Esri Maps for Office)
  • User input of Building Value - to partially address regional variability
  • Over-ride the default damage curve selection
  • Users can Create their Own Depth-Damage curve
  • Please contact if you're interested in the advanced version; Email